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YWAM Ternopli and Lutsk are helping internally displaced people with clothing, food and supplies. YWAM Dalarna also partners with Emmaus Second Hand in Borlänge by coordinating regular shipments to Lutsk.

YWAM centres in Europe are housing Ukranian families (Mostly mothers and children as the fathers cannot leave)
We are also rebuilding temporary homes for people while they rebuild their war damaged places. A 14-15 sq.m insulated mobile home / shelter costs 4,500-9,000 Euros.
 Will you be part of helping this need?

You can send a gift by Swish (in Sweden) to
123 389 4680 or by card below.

YWAM Dalarna

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) was established in the Dala Carlia (Dalarna) province of Sweden in 2003, first in the village of Stora Skedvi and in Borlänge since 2010. We are part of the global YWAM family of ministries and are also in a number of locations in Sweden.


The Genesis Centre has been serving the University of the Nations since 1996 when we began to use ‘tomorrows’ technologies to bring our global classrooms together using tele-conferencing technologies—–
Lately Zoom has been to main global tool for keeping us together!

Go for God.

Join a global movement, full of young people
driven by a passion to know God and make Him known.

Zoom Zoom Zoom...

In the past years we have had lockdowns and restricted movement, meetings etc.


Do we see fear or do we see opportunity?
Churches and YWAM training centres have been emptied, but with the latest technology of cameras, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, StarLeaf, Skype, Youtube, Facebook etc have enabled us to not only keep in contact with our friends, but also given us new opportunities to reach into places and peoples who perhaps would not have come to us in person (yet).

Let’s use the tools that are available and see them as a gateway into new areas to strengthen and expand our existing works.



The UofN Genesis Centre is now hosted by YWAM Dalarna.

We have been using interactive videoconference technologies since 1995, bringing classrooms and people together as if they were in the same room.

Technology changes and the Genesis Centre is researching new ideas, tools and technologies to serve the Mission, the University and the church, helping us to keep connected and in touch with one another.

Launching waves of missionaries into the world since 1960.