Last year more than 165,000 people entered Sweden seeking asylum as refugees. This has almost overwhelmed the nation’s ability to process, absorb and integrate the newcomers. Many old hotels, youth hostels and campgrounds have been used for refugee housing. Many are sitting and waiting for a year or more for a decision on their status or if they will be sent home.
In our local area – we have good contact with new friends in Borlänge, Säter and Hedemora – including ethnic muslims and Christians.

We have been receiving teams from different YWAM centres to help us, and the local churches reach out with the love of Jesus to these people. Many have come from horrible situations and faced many dangers en route to Sweden. Just coming to listen, to talk and drink tea and coffee brightens up their (and our!) lives!

Please pray for us and that more workers would come to this ‘harvest field’ (Luke 10:2)

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