Missionaries must leave Sweden?

Please pray for our foreign workers! Recently the Swedish Immigration office has been trying to kick out foreign missionaries to Sweden after 3 years in the country. Strangely (or not) it appears Buddhists get permanent residence after that time, but not Christians…


Marco och Nohemi and their children have received a letter from Swedish Migrationsverket informing them that they must leave Sweden within 3 weeks. They have been working with YWAM Linköping for 6 years and are part of the leadership of the YWAM base there. Suddenly the visa policy (but not the law) has changed and it seems Christian missionaries are not wanted to stay here for more than a few years.

This is a difficult situation for us as we are an international mission and believe that we (Sweden) needs foreign workers to bring a positive effect and change to our nation.

Here is the latest news article from a Christian Newspaper, Dagen.


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