Renewal Gatherings

Have you ever been part of YWAM? Done a school, worked as staff, supporter or in any other way participated?

Renewal Gathering is for you that have a past together with YWAM. The goal is to encourage and bless you as you “bloom” where God has planted you. It is a week where we come together for fellowship and relaxation in a YWAM environment, and where we also are expecting a meeting with God for renewal, refreshing and reviving.

The programme of the week is relaxed and gives room, besides the teaching and times of worship and prayer, to have possibilty to rest and just be together, to enjoy the holiday and be able to play games and take a bath, take trips in our beautiful part of Dalarna, or just have time for a good book and a nap.
We have teaching in the mornings before lunch, and the afternoons will be free for rest, play or exploring the region.
In the evenings we will do something together: more teaching or discussions, play volleyball, barbecue…

Welcome and join us!

For more information contact or (0046)225-40190

Facts about YWAM Associates: YWAM Associates is a ministry in YWAM International, and their task is to keep contact with all those who been connected with YWAM, done a schol, worked as staff or in some other way participated. Every year YWAM Associates arranges Renewal Gatherings (or InTouch Gatherings) in many different places around the world, and everywhere people are once again part of the fellowship, worship, prayer and teaching. This is also a opportunity for husbands and kids to experience some from the mission organisation.

For more info, visit YWAM Associates.

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