(G)lobal(E)lectronic (N)etwork, (E)ducating, (S)erving and (I)nspiring (S)tudents

GENESIS logoYou may think of GENESIS as the first book in the Bible – signifying the beginning.
Our interactive training concept called GENESIS is also a new beginning. a centre within the University of the Nations partnering with Youth With A Mission operating locations to develop a new concept of interactive classroom learning.The GENESIS concept brings teaching to all nations. Currently GENESIS is utilising standard videoconference equipment to link classrooms across the world in live, interactive learning experiences. No longer are people isolated but able to both share the wealth of experience they have and also receive teaching from anywhere in the world. From Argentina to Uganda, schools are able to share and learn together as if they were in the same room. As of 2007 there were about 70 GENESIS locations established in all the continents of the world.

Sweden was one of the first nations to use the GENESIS concept in 1998. GENESIS was introduced to YWAM Restenäs in 1998 and now Dalarna has been able to join the ‘network’. From here in Sweden, we have been part of pioneering GENESIS in a number of countries, including Latvia, Norway, New Zealand, Uganda, and South Africa. Africa has been part of our heart focus and we want to see our training centres fully equipped for the 21st century! We cannot be ignorant of the practical needs faced when travelling to developing nations and have included the Water for Life project where necessary as part of pioneering new GENESIS locations.

For further information about the international GENESIS ministry and a view of all the locations we are established in, you can visit the GENESIS Centre website.

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