What we do…


  • We offer YWAM training schools for Christians who desire to learn more of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, to follow in His footsteps in daily life and also to be introduced to many forms of missionary work. Our motto is ‘To know God and to make Him known’
  • We work together with different churches and denominations to build unity and encourage each other.
  • We offer church groups and individuals seminars and workshops in relevant topics, such as Discipleship, Prayer and Intercession, Worship, Christian Worldview, Bible study techniques etc.
  • We make the Kvarnsveden Centre available on a limited basis, as a retreat and conference centre for churches and groups, during our ‘low season’.

Reaching out

  • We receive Swedish and international YWAM teams – to reach out to the needy and assist local churches in our surrounding area.
  • We train and send out church youth groups into missions, for short periods (2-3 weeks). We want to do this to give them a ‘taste’ of missions work and to experience how God can use them, both individually and in groups. This is called ‘Mission Adventures’!
  • We send out teams from our training schools across the world in various forms of missionary work.
  • We assist in the global development of the GENESIS concept in YWAM, primarily helping our bases in Africa, the Baltic States and in Scandinavia.
  • We use GENESIS as a model for the local community to open a ‘window to the world’ and break isolation.
  • We also want to reach out to the world in practical ways, through GENESIS, beginning with the ‘Water for Life  Project’ – using new technologies in order to make pure water available to missions bases in developing nations.
  • We want to make the best of new technologies and their application for missions in the 21st century. Just as the invention of the printing press made a revolution in the copying of the scriptures, new tools are being constantly developed that can be of tremendous use in todays society.

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